In 2009, a group of female assistants realized the need to establish a network to unite like-minded women working to climb the Hollywood ranks.  The mission at HollywoodWEST is to change the culture for working women in executive and administration positions in the entertainment industry by:

1) Nurturing positive relationships between women

2) Cultivating a culture of kindness and compassion

3) Creating a support network for women facing personal and professional transitional stages in their lives

4) Encouraging work-life balance

5) Finding solutions to improve women’s opportunities

6) Supporting women’s recruitment, retention, and advancement into senior-level positions

7) Encouraging family-friendly policies and attitudes

8) Encouraging community involvement and volunteerism

What started as a group of twenty assistants, quickly flourished into a network of one hundred and fifty females working in executive positions at studios, networks, agencies, management companies, and production companies across the film, television, and new media industries.

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